Wat Food!

Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand

I got out yesterday and shot a few images. I went to the King’s Palace but it was close by the time I arrived. So I walked around and found the reclining Buddha. It was not that impressive to me. I was more impressed with the temples that where around in the compound. The light was nice.

Later as the sun was setting I made it to the river, as was my plan. I wanted to shoot Wat Arun, a temple across the river. The sun was just setting and they lit the temple, it came out nice.

Fried cockroach sold on the streets of Bangkok.

Whenever my compadres at Frontier Treks go traveling we have the habit of doing something we call “extreme eating.” I guess it is pretty much what it sounds like. Sort of Frontier Treks does Fear Factor. I think I may have the record so far. Last trip here, I ate rat BBQ. This trip I had cockroach, grasshopper, some sort of insect pupa. Tonight I had duck bill, well, it was really just the tongue.

Anybody top that?

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  1. Mario

    Oh great photo Guru, I am interested in the workshop 😉

    BTW, I’m lovn’ your newest photo’s. I can see that you’ve excelled in your use of photoshop.


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