New Old iPod New Old Gallery

New Old iPod New Old Gallery

Today is a good day. I got my wife’s iPod working again after many months of silence! I have tried everything (or so I thought), I even took it to the Apple store in Delhi, but they just wanted me to upgrade to a newer model. Our iPod is the older 20gb 4th generation monochrome one. We use it mainly for my daughter’s entertainment when we travel and background tunes around the house.

So today while I was procrastinating doing other things I checked yet again on the net for; “broken click wheel”, “iPod click wheel repair” and other such strings. To my amazement I found a solution I thought I had tried, but I guess I had not. Apparently, this is a bug with a 4th generation model. The solution is you flip the hold button to on and back to off. Following that you push and hold the select and menu buttons simultaneously… and pray. According to some sources the iPod calibrates its touch-sensitive surfaces when you turn off the Hold switch. Touching the buttons or the touch wheel on a sleeping iPod at the same time that you turn off the Hold switch causes iPod to calibrate to the capacitance of your finger instead of the air. This can cause iPod to turn on but appear unresponsive when waking from sleep.

So I tried this solution and now I have a functioning iPod! Today is a good day!

In other news. Please check out the new version of The Digital Trekker gallery. You can access it either by going to the splash page or by clicking here. Tell me what you think. I still can decide which gallery I like best. But I am leaning toward the new one. Cast you vote and let me know.

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  1. Anonymous

    Matt — I tried the new Flash gallery. Awesome! Wonderful!
    We’re still looking into the trip — and trying to figure out expenses and accomodations and airfares, both to India as well as in India — Spice airlines, etc. I know Sheila will be in touch with more questions. ~ Dave


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