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About once a month someone will write me and comment on the music on my site. They always want to know the track and where it comes from. So in a effort to keep you informed…

All the music is available on iTunes and perhaps at a music shop near you. The selections are:

Ali Mullah by Transglobal Underground feat , Musafir and Natacha Atlas, Album: Wold Cafe

Ma Rewa by Indian Ocean, Album: Kandisa

Mathura Nagarpati by Shubha Mudgal, Hari Haran & Meena Mishra, Album: Raincoat

Rang Deeni by Kailash Kher, Mahaua & Shraddha Pandit

Tove by Mynta Album: Cool Nights (Also Wold Cafe)

Yaar Tha Gulzar by Abida Parveen Album: Ghazal Ka Safar Vol 2

Ma Rewa, Mathura Nagarpati & Rang Deeni can all ne found on a compilation CD titled Euphoric Sufis

I hope this helps

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