A Cry to Stop the Hatred.

A Cry to Stop the Hatred.

Below is a link to a very significant letter released on Oct 13th to the World’s Christian leaders by 138 influential Islamic leaders. The leaders represent millions of Muslims around the world, from Chad to Uzbekistan, from Indonesia to Mauritania and from Canada to Sudan. It is not just Sunni or Shiite, but many other sects of Islam as well.

The letter is a cry to stop the hatred and mistrust between our faiths. It is not asking for anything outrageous; it is not asking Christians to align with Muslim belief. It is taking a few central themes of Christianity and Islam and saying let’s live together in peace, the world’s survival depends on it.

Simply, it is about the Love of God; Love of Neighbor, and an invitation for Christians and Muslims to join hands, in the name of God and for world-peace. Only when we begin to love one another and speak to one another will we be able to share the love of Jesus. Will you join with me in endorsing this document? Please read the following links and make up your own mind. If you agree with me, please go to “A Common Word” and sign the endorsement.

For Peace between Christians and Muslims



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