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I was asked to come and speak at a banquet up in Minneapolis this last weekend. They put in a hotel room with a young man I had never met before. So as we started talking and getting to know each other, the topic of photography and travel came up. He told me about an amazing young lady, Mackenzie Rollins. We went to her site and I was impressed. This young lady has a real future in photography. She has a wonderful eye for street images. Her work has a nice feel of photojournalism to it. By that, I mean, untouched, raw and not over-produced. Apparently, she is a American girl living in Sarajevo for a time. Not sure why. But, her stay has given her a great opportunity for gathering images and putting together strong portfolio. Check out her Gallery here, her Blog here and her photo blog here.

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  1. Anonymous

    She is the neatest person you will ever meet. She infuses her portfolio with her personality.

  2. Matt Brandon

    Yes, it is clearly visible.

  3. Darcy R

    Hey, this is Darcy Rollins, sister of the incredible person you’re speaking of, and I would have to agree with everything you said. She is an amazing photographer, friend, and inspiration. Thank you for taking the time out to recognize her.

  4. Alma Halep

    Yes, she was in Sarajevo and I had that opportunity to work with her on the field, doingreal images…What to say..she really knows how to transfer camera into eye and make a great photo of anything simple and seen…from a leaf to a tear in the eye…GREAT GREAT GREAT
    I wonder where is she now?


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