Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is one of the top fashion/lifestyle photographer in the US and a guy that cares about the rest of us. Sounds weird, huh? Well, the guy tells all. He is always producing these videos that reveal his “secrets”, so to speak. He shares his knowledge with the rest of us. I really appreciate the spirit behind this guy. You want to learn something, track with him.

One of the most informative videos I have viewed in a while is Chase’s video on the cases he uses and the way he packs them. All kinds of useful stuff here and some of it isn’t even about the cases or gear, it is about something so simple that many of us wouldn’t think of. Go to the TSA website and print out the latest rules, simple. Did you know the TSA has no issues about you carrying on an additional bag of camera gear? From the website: “You may carry one (1) bag of photographic equipment in addition to one (1) carry-on and one (1) personal item through the screening checkpoint.” Now that does not prohibit you from being waylaid by the airlines themselves. Anyway, a helpful video, check it out.

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