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Seat Guru

I have been working on my flight to Indonesia in February 08. I wasn’t sure about a seat that I saw on my seating choice chart, so I call the United reservation’s staff and a kind lady there suggested I check out a website called Maybe you already know about
this site. It told me everything I needed to know about the aircraft I would be traveling on. It told me the 747 does not have personal TVs but all the 777s do. It told me that seat 21 H & J are the best seats in Economy Plus as they have extra leg room because the crew seats are directly in front of them. It told me where all the power outlets are and what type they are. It gives the layout for every aircraft for just about every American airlines. So before your next flight check them out.

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  1. Blue Ibis

    Hi Digital Trekker, the book arrived. I’m impressed with the quality. Your Blurb video on the Lexar web site is easy to follow, and very helpful. Congratulations for creating both. Best Wishes.

  2. Matt

    Did you make your own and ordered one? Or bought mine? Never the less, I am glad you found the video easy to follow.


  3. Blue Ibis

    I bought your book. I’m captivated by your images. When seeing your video on the Lexar web site, I just had to have a look.

  4. Justin H.

    Hey Matt!

    Yeah, that’s a great site. I stumbled across it, and it came in really handy for my interview trip to Doha. They flew me business class, so I used the site to see what kind of power outlets I was going to get 🙂


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