April Wallpaper

April Wallpaper

(Silly me, I forgot to give you the location of this shot. This is taken on the edge of Dal lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. Right in front of my favorite coffee shot “The Ice Fern” see the map below.)

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I know, I know you are amazed! Not at the image, but that it is actually on time for once. I have not posted in a while as I have been traveling for business, not photographic business however, so no new images to post.

The Lumen Day One Day that David Duchemin and I will be leading in Temple, TX is happening this Saturday. I am excited, and to be frank somewhat nervous doing this in my back yard. David is flying in early and I am looking forward to hanging with him and showing him some of our Central Texas culture. What would that be…any suggestions? Clem Mikeska’s Bar-B-Q?

In other news, the Brandons will be moving to Malaysia in June. So my time in the USA is counting down. We arrive on June 25th! Long story, but suffice it to say, I can do everything I was going to do in England from Malaysia. So why not?!

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  1. David

    Gorgeous! Brings back some wonderful memories and makes me excited about creating more! Only 167 days until the Lumen Dei tour begins in Delhi.

  2. Troy Feener

    Brilliant call on Malaysia Matt! Can’t beat the food and the people are beautiful…well OK I’m biased but my wife (Kuala Lumpur born) was looking over my shoulder ;). I’m thinking of going to the Angkor Photography Festival this November…you going to be in KL by then?

  3. Matt Brandon

    Troy, I am right with you on the food! Hey tell me more about the Angkor Photography Festival. WE arrive on June 25th to Malaysia.

  4. Gavin Gough

    Splendid wallpaper Matt, thanks. I’m also hoping to be at the Angkor Photo Festival this year so perhaps a get-together is in order? (http://www.angkorphotofestival.com/)

  5. David

    Aw, nuts, I feel left out. I’ll be in Kathmandu for October, heading home via Cambodia wouldn’t be hard, but that’s well into World Vision assignment time.

    Have fun without me. At least Gavin and I might have time to hang in the Kat, and Matt and I will have spent two weeks in Kashmir. And Troy might be coming to Vancouver. Who know’s maybe we’ll all be so sick of each other that not going will be a good thing. Ok, I feel better now.


  6. Matt Brandon

    This Ankor Photo Fest looks promising. Gavin lets talk more about this. This will be just a hop for me once I get to Malaysia. Sorry we’ll miss you David.

  7. Gavin Gough

    I’m booked in the Guesthouse in Kathmandu for the end of October David and hope to be in Angkor for the festival Matt. It’ll be good to meet up with you both. I’m in touch with the Angkor organisers Matt so I’ll let you know when I hear more about the festival.

  8. David

    Boy, you don’t mess around, do you Gavin? 🙂 What dates are you booked at the guesthouse?

  9. Gavin Gough

    Mess around? Me? Not if I can help it.

    I’m booked in from 20th October so hope to catch you at the end of your stay.


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