Welcome Think Tank Photo

Welcome Think Tank Photo

This is a difficult blog post for me in one way and, yet, in another way I write it with excitement. Lowepro has been my flagship sponsor now for about three years. They have come to my aide on several occasions. Like when I got stuck in the US after the British Airport Authority changed their carry on regulations. Lowepro sent me an Omi Trekker that met the new standards. I have nothing bad to say about this great bag company, they truly set the industry standard for years. However, I find myself using Think Tank Photo products more and more. Obviously, I travel a lot and Think Tank gear seems to meet this niche better than Lowepro does at this point. Think Tank is a smaller company that is growing in reputation and market share. So, it is with mixed emotions that I bid a fond farewell to Lowepro and that I announce my newest sponsor, Think Tank Photo. Please check out their web site and all their great gear HERE.

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  1. D. Hunt

    hey you knucklehead – did you ever figure out the identity of the young woman whose photography website I sent you a link for?

    ~ The Editors

  2. Matt Brandon

    Yeah, Molly Walgamuth! At least that is my guess.


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