Joe McNalley & Packing

Joe McNalley & Packing

It is 5:30 am and I can’t sleep. So I got up to check my email and I saw a blog post from “The Strobist.” Hobby linked a YouTube video of Joe McNally speaking at Google’s headquarters a few weeks back. This is really good stuff. McNally is real. Not many pros will show you their bad images and their screw ups. He is a down to earth photographer that connects with most of us. Like Chase Jarvis, you feel Joe wants us to succeed. He does everything he can to help us make it, so if we bomb at this work it is not because we were not told the “secrets.”

Buddy, David DuChemin also has a “how to make it as a Pro” blog running today, check it out HERE.

In packing news, things are going well. Some good news, I just found out that because my daughter and wife are both United Premier Executives and I am 1K we each get 3 bags at 70lbs! This is a huge help in moving out to Malaysia. Instead of going out and buying new suit cases we bought some inexpensive footlocker type storage boxes from a local sporting goods store. Made by Contico, these boxes are tough ABS like plastic and should take the abuse of the baggage handlers well. Then later, we can use them as storage for items in Malaysia.

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  1. Jordan N.

    Great find! I just finished reading Joe’s book last night. It’s great hearing him actually talk about his experiences and having a bit more back story.


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