May’s Wallpaper – Lumen Dei

May’s Wallpaper – Lumen Dei



May 2008 Wallpaper

May 2008 Wallpaper


Here is May’s wallpaper. It is a little different. A bit of a plug for Lumen Dei. Which, by the way, starts in 136 days. (note: We still have two* one space open.) This image is of men waiting for a meal in a welfare line. I love the intense look that the man in the middle is giving me. This image was taken on last year’s Lumen Dei workshop while walking with the students through Old Delhi. Click the image above and a full-sized (1680×1160 yes, it is huge.) image will open in a new window. Enjoy.
* since I published this just 2 hrs ago another space filled.

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