House Hunting

House Hunting
“Ok – now how do we get all these bags up to our room?!”

The internet here at the hotel is SLOOOOOW. So I am posting this over email to the blog.

The first few days have been great. We happened to meet a Dutch couple Jess and Elisabeth checking out of the hotel that we were checking into. In fact we got their room. As we talked we found out we were in the same situation, they too are looking for a long term residence. They in turn introduced us to an other couple, Ray and Delia, she is Malaysian Chinese and he is an American from Colorado. Ray and Delia have been in Penang since February. Delia has taken time out to show us her neighborhood and many of the homes for rent on this side of the island. She has been a huge help in calling all her friends and asking around for homes for rent, driving us around. We also meet an Indian man who runs a small shot in the place we are staying. He also has made many calls on our behalf. So we are off to a good start.

Jesse, Elisabeth, Ray, Delia, Jessie and Alou

Today we saw “bungalow” (read; house rather than a duplex or an apartment) set just off the beach. It is within 5 minutes of Jessie’s school by car, so it is very close. It has AC, many places do not, it has built in closets in each room, many places do not, it has a laundry room with a washing machine and the kitchen has a refrigerator, gas stove and an electric over as well as many more cupboards. Now if I can just get the owners to comedown in price to meet my budget. Apparently it is owned by a multinational firm and has been empty since january, so if they want to rent it we are very willing to accommodate them.

The side of the “bungalow” with the sea in the back.

The Kitchen in the “bungalow”

Jet-lag has officially set in. The experts say drink plenty of water and stay out in the sun as much as possible. So we will see if they are right. As I write this, I have been up for about an hour already and it is now 4:30 am. Yawn!

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