The Bay Area Visit.

The Bay Area Visit.

Not sure why they call Wallnut Hills and Concord the “Bay Area”, I feel like I am so far removed from the bay. I asked my sister-in-law just how long does it take to get to San Fransisco from her house. An hour. That’s as long as it take to get to Austin from Temple and we don’t call Temple The Austin area or even a suburb of Austin.

I am speaking Sunday at some church in San Fransisco. Not sure how that happened and what qualifies me to speak. Except that Sunday is Fathers Day and I am a Father.

Of course by now if you are a avid reader of this blog (why would you be an avid reader f this blog?) you know my wife is Filipino. When we come to the Bay area it is like visiting the Philippine; a lot of Tagalog and a whole lot of eats – Adobo, longganisa, pancit, lumpia and my favorite tocino. Tocino is amazing, it is sweet and sticky bacon of sorts. We have it for breakfast; tocino, fried rice and egg (“tocino, sinangag at itlog” in Tagalog).

I was playing around with CS3 and redoing some old panos I shot years back. CS3 is noted for it’s amazing ability to handle panorama shots. Even some really messed up ones. I have to confess I was really amazed. The shot below was very difficult to pull off in CS2. In fact I never really did get it to where it was viewable. But with CS3 this shot doesn’t look so bad. If you haven’t done a pano and you own CS3, get out and try it – you will be a convert to this type of shooting. This image was six separate images stitched together by Photoshop CS3 using the “Auto Align” feature. Click on it to view the larger version.

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