Wallpaper for July.

Wallpaper for July.

July 2008 Wallpaper


Well, I had high hopes at getting you a wallpaper from Penang for your desktop. But I have been way too busy setting up home, … a better way of putting it, trying to find a home. Today I met with a friend here in the city, he let me use his scooter for the next few weeks. But the catch was I needed to drive out to his house to get it. His house was on the southern part of the island. No problem, except I have no clue how to get around here yet. So I took my trusty GPS cell phone and once I got the scooter I mounted it on the speedometer. That was fine till about halfway home when it vibrated off and fell with the phone onto the highway. Not one of my better ideas. Live and learn. I was able to pullover run back and pick up the phone before any car or bike ran over it. Lucky for me. As I said, not one of my better ideas.

I will post this image for you from my journey. It was taken last week in at Pier 39 in San Francisco. If I get another more appropriate (read; Penang-ish) image I will post it for you. Just right clicking and save it and make it a desktop wallpaper. Enjoy.

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