Got a Home!

Got a Home!

Well, we got a house today. It is the “mirror” version of the bungalow we were looking at earlier this week. In other words, the same house only flipped. Confused? Me too. So here are some images. We move in a week from Friday.

Click on this pano to see the full kitchen.

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  1. David

    Sweet lah. I can’t wait to stay with you guys lah.(Did I do it right?) 🙂

  2. Matt Brandon

    Just now, you do ok. lah

    But then I am a newbie.

  3. Grungemann

    Both of u are on lah…U can also add mah..insted of lah…when speaking with malaysian chinese..

  4. Matt Brandon

    Grungemann- Thanks for the insider tip. So do you ever get to the island side of Penang? We can go get some nasi kandar together.

  5. Grungemann

    Can…I’ll be there sometimes next week (I hope). Will update you once it’s confirmed.

  6. Chase

    Nice Diggs Bro.


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