The FujiSuper Six Selected

The FujiSuper Six Selected

Saturday I received this email from Atin Sharma, of Jindal Photo Limited. Jindal Photo represents Fijifilm in India.

Dear Mr.Brandon,

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that you have
been selected as one of our Fujifilm Supersix Photographer for the year 2009.
The other shortlisted photographers are Mr.Balan Madhwan, Mr.Somesh
Goyal, Mr.Mahesh Nair, Mr.Prabir Purkayastha and Mr.Soumitra Dutta.

Welcome on board.

Thanks & Regards
Atin Sharma
Asst.Manager (PR & Advertising)
Jindal Photo Limited

So, 8 images will be selected from the 20 I sent them, all landscapes, and they will tour Indian and two will go on a Fujifilm calendar for 2009.

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  1. David



  2. Doc Dave

    Are you surprised that the photos selected were landscapes or that they were selected at all? I’m not. Your gift is awesome!!
    Please contact regarding January. Need some info.

  3. Matt Brandon

    Dave, I think almost any photographer is surprised to some extent when his or her images are pick for an event or show. But, what I meant was, I am surprised that my images where picked as this was a landscape focused show and my strength is in portraits.

    By the way, not sure who Dave Doc is. But the only thing in January that a Dave is involved is a visit by some friend. So is this Dave P.?


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