A Shooting Star

A Shooting Star
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We are in the news to day in Malaysia. One of the national papers called The Star sent a reporter out to the photowalk this past weekend. She interviewed me and had her photographer shoot some shots of us on the walk. Not the most flattering picture of me, but hey what can you do with a mug like that! I must say the facts are fairly accurate, all but the the part about “in the eyes of foreign photographers” I was the only foreigner there. The rest were all Malaysian. They have not put the online version of the paper up for today yet. The link to the article is HERE. But what?! No pictures? Lame!

Well, today is the day I choose a winner from the Penang Walk. I sure hope these nice people will speak to me after I choose only one image. Remember I take bribes and favors. Please only cash in small denomanations – ones and fives preffered 😉

…Stay tuned.

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  1. g3k, kay khoon

    hi matt.
    well the bit about “in the eyes of foreign photographers” might actually be accurate, considering most of us are still considered as foreigners in the eyes of the politicians eventhough we may have the papers that said we are Malaysians.

    And on the bright side, it was a great and fun outing. And thanks for contributing your time and effort as the walk leader.

  2. Matt Brandon

    Ouch! I am not going to touch that one! The ink on my visa is still wet!

    Thanks for participating, we will do this again!

  3. teetoo

    Halo Matt,

    Thanks for being our “taukeh” (boss) for the day. The weather was also accommodating.

    The paper also mentioned you as Mr.Kelby. Haha… and yes, booooo for the online version with no pics…the irony is that it was a “taking picture” article.

    So, u take Ringgit Malaysia? haha.

    terence aka teetoo

  4. TV Series Trading

    Hi Matt,

    Yeoh here. Looks like I appeared in the top right corner pic haha, thanks to you.

  5. Albert Yap

    ehm, getting excited…

    who gonna win the book …

  6. g3k, kay khoon

    i’m good for campaign contributions in USD. hahahaha.

  7. chewskim

    Hi Matt,

    So sorry they printed you as ‘Kelby’. Actually, when my friend from the press called me that they will be printing the event on the next day, I told them that your name is Matt Brandon but it was already too late. They apologised for the incorrect printing.


  8. Chase

    Look at you. Famous in 3 nations, Infamous in 30.

  9. Matt Brandon

    Your Mama!


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