Kelby Announces Grand Prize Winner

Kelby Announces Grand Prize Winner
Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah

Scott Kelby announced the grand prize winner today for the Lightroom 2 Wold Wide Photowalk. Suhaimi Abdullah from our neighboring city, Singapore. Congratulations to him as he wins the Adobe Creative Suite Premium, Lightroom 2, a $500 B&H Photo Gift certificate, a Wacom tablet, the Peachpit Book Bundle, and MPIX prize package, and more!

Here is what Scott had to say about the winning shot:

I chose Suhaimi Abdullah’s shot from the Singapore walk, of a bird flying overhead an industrial-looking street. To me, everything from its composition to its colors told a story. It looked almost surreal, and at the same time, totally believable because we’ve all been in a concrete jungle and have been suddenly reminded of nature and it’s inclusion (or exclusion), and I thought this image just portrayed that beautifully. In the end; I just couldn’t stop looking at it, and it is the one I’d want hanging in my home or office. For whatever reason, it just spoke to me.

Check out the full story HERE.

photo by Rui Lebreiro

I thought it was interesting that one of the runners up, Rui Lebreiro’s shot from the Porto, Portugal was a very similar to TYs. Quite frankly, I think had TY processed his image less or even left it color it might have been a on Scott’s blog today.

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