The 50D Is Here!

The 50D Is Here!

Take a deep breath and read the stats, they are nice, very nice. This little guy sports a 15.10 megapixel image, faster DIGIC 4 processor, 3.0″ VGA LCD monitor with Live View mode offering 3 AF modes, ISO sensitivity expandable to 12800 and an HDMI connection for high Quality Image viewing. And all packed into a Magnesium alloy body, with environmental protection. So what is the price, only $1,400 when it ships in October. This is the same layout of the buttons and grip as the 40D. It is virtually the same as the 5D. So if you are a 5D shooter and can’t fork out the dough for the new 7D (aka 5D mkII) then this might just be your next camera. Read all the details HERE and HERE.

OK, so now where is the 7D?

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