Twofer Wallpaper.

Twofer Wallpaper.

This September I am offering you what we call in the States a “twofer.” Two wallpapers for the price of one. Wow! Half price, what a deal! Ok, ok half price of nothing is…well, nothing. But you still get to wallpapers this month. Both are of Ladakh, India. By now you know that the Lumen Dei Workshop schedualed for Kashmir has been moved to Ladakh. Good think to check out this blog entry by my daughters old school teacher in Kashmir HERE. Not a great place to lead a tour these days. But, Ladakh is an amazing place. The people, the landscape are all made for a photographer. The participant’s should love the variety of subjects they will be shooting. So we should have a great time and come back with many wonderful images.

So in honor of the Ladakh workshop here are two, not one, but two wallpapers for you to choose from.

Thanks to OT and TY for the images on me in action on the photo walk. A little more flattering than The Star photo (which by the way – did you see they called me Scott Kelby!)

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  1. asy

    I love the Ladakh wallpaper. Don’t you have a similar one (road, desert, sky) with the moon on it? I remember you showing it to me a long time ago…


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