James Nachtwey’s story

James Nachtwey’s story

Gavin beat me to the punch. I had this ready to use but wanted to get my Ladakh gallery up first. None of us know what this is about. Other than it is images from one of the worlds finest Photojournalist and it is suppose to be BIG! I first ran across it on TED. If you are not a avid TED reader, shame on you. This is an amazing blog with some of the worlds most amazing minds. Don’t think for a moment I agreee with every view expressed on the TED blog, I don’t. But it is a great peek into what is on the heart and minds of the world’s most talented.

Not sure what Mr. Nachtwey’s story is going to be about, but you can bet the images will be stunning. Stay tuned, only one more day till it breaks.

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