Vitale Video

Vitale Video

If there is one thing I have learned over the past few years of shooting images and visiting with some world class photographers, it’s most of the very talented photographers are nice, really nice people. One of the more pleasant photographers to come down the pike in a long while is Ami Vitale. You’ve seen me blog about her in the past. Today will be short. Maybe you’ve already ran across this set of video interviews with her, they have been out since Jan 2003! Ouch, why did I not see them tell recently? Susan B. Markisz a contributor to the did the interview and created this set of short videos. The topics include:

  • Getting Beyond the Headlines
  • Kashmir
  • Gujarat
  • Do People Care?
  • The Editor / Photographer Relationship
  • How Do You Finance Your Stories?
  • The Changing Technology
  • Adivce for Young Photojournalists

While you are at it read the story by Markisz that precedes the videos, it is good as well. There is also a small collection of her images they linked to the interview. Enjoy.

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