Good Monday

Good Monday

Good morning. First I need to do a bit of housekeeping. I had a bit of a glitch with Word Press, my fault not WP’s. I accidentally posted the interview on Saturday for around 2 minutes. So if you saw the link and then where not able to read it, check back. I am posting it at 4 AM Malaysian time, according to iTimezone, that is 3 AM New York time, 2 AM for my mother in Paducah, KY and 12 AM for you folks in Vancouver. So it will be up to read when you all wake up. I changed the name od the post so you wont confuse it with the one I posted in error. Look for A Conversation With Ami Vitale.

In the mean time if you are looking for a great gear review to read my buddy Gavin has post a great look at the Think Tank belt system. Gavin did a really thorough review of this sweet system, you will find it HERE.

Speaking of gear, I just of an email from Andy Biggs, noted African Wildlife photographer and his new backpack is selling like hotcakes. Check it out HERE. This little bag can hold a monsterous amount of gear. You can find a comprehensive review of it HERE at Flying With Fish. Andy is going to try to get me the bag to try out. So be looking for a review of this bag from me. BTW, you really need to check out his work if you have not before. It is really stunning. Find it HERE.

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