My 5D MK II is here…

My 5D MK II is here…

…Well, sort of. I had my friends Dennis and Annette Young from Texas pre-order me one from Garland Camera in the Dallas Metroplex. They got word today that it has arrived.  But the reality is I can’t get my grubby little hands on it till after the first week of January, when they come to visit me. O the pain!!

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  1. Jeff Lynch


    When you had it for a little while and had a chance to review your images please let us know what you think about this camera, especially the resolution and AF system.


    Sugar Land, TX

  2. Peter Pham

    Congrats on your new tool ! I am jealous and can’t wait to go back to the US and pick up one. Now you have to replace your 85 f/1.8 with that 1.2 🙂

  3. Matt

    Peter – Hopefully that will be coming with the new 5D. 😉

    Jeff, I will do a review as soon as I get it. I will be taking it to Angkor Wat within just three days after getting it. So I hope to have something to show from that visit.

  4. Peter Pham

    WOW, Angkor Wat with a 5D Mark II, I am really totally jealous now 🙂

    Just got back from Angkor Wat myself but with only 5D & 50D. Wonderful place, a must visit for any photographer. I will be back soon. Can’t wait to see your images from Angkor with the 5D Mark II. Good luck and have fun with the new top gun….

  5. Grungemann

    Seems you’d been a good guy, since Santa granted your wish. Too bad Santa had a tight schedule 😉

  6. Johanna

    Ok, can you feel the jealousy seeping through this keyboard?! Enjoy… can’t wait to hear your thoughts. 🙂


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