I’ll think about that tomorrow.

Today was a long day. I got up at 5:30 am, then Alou and I drove four hours to KL (Kuala Lumpur). We needed some book cases and Ikea seemed to be the best bet. While at Ikea I was using my iPod Touch (16gb) to do some converting from inches to centimeters. In the mass confusion of shoppers in Ikea left it on a bookcase. You can imagine that with in seconds of leaving it there it was gone. I was emotionally down for most of the day. As you know, those things are not cheap. Alou told me to quite beating myself up over it, it was done. Honest mistakes (whatever those are) can be overlooked, but dumb mistakes like today’s are hard to overlook. I guess I am pretty hard on myself.

But the day was not a total loss, I was able to find a can of Zippo lighter fluid for my lighter (not available in Penang), picked up some new tobacco for my pipe, Mac-Baren, Vanilla Choice (I am told it is really nice) and gathered a few odds and ends for the house. Life goes on and as Scarlet O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day.”

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  1. Ian

    Feel for ya m8, if it’s any consolation it happens to us all. Mine was last known to be travelling in a taxi around Belgrade

  2. david duchemin

    Bummer! I’m imagining how I’d feel and pretty sure I’d hate it. Hey, at least you’ve got an understanding wife and some new fruity tobacco.

  3. Jonneke

    Sorry for you Ipod… maybe a good reason to buy ‘n Iphone 😉 I can imagine the feeling: because my Iphone was bumped en burst ;-(… but still it works.
    Greeting from the Netherlands.

  4. Matt

    Thanks for the consolations. Better my iPod than my 5D MKII!

  5. Uncle Jimmy Don

    Sorry ’bout that bro. That Daniel Cunnin’ham- best rabbit hunter in Texes, had set me up with one uh dem smart phones this year and I lost it in Florida juss north uh them everglades. It wasn’t no ipod or zune or anythin’, but I sure was bummed!

  6. Ashley Truckey

    I defintely know you you feel – I left my brand new phone that I had received only a few days prior on public transportation. I never saw it again! I was really bummed though, so I can relate. And, as you said, at least it wasn’t your 5D MKII! That would be an even sadder day!!!

  7. kate

    Mmmm… pipe tobacco and zippos. Way to make me wish I still smoked. Sorry about the ipod.


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