Three easy steps to great gift giving this season.

Three easy steps to great gift giving this season.

Step 1. Watch this video:


Step 2. Decide your going to act on Step 1 and make a change.

Step 3. Read on and join the conspiracy with Preemptive Love.

Ok, it is late and if your like me you still haven’t bought those gifts. Stop scratching your head about what to get your family for Christmas. You just were given a great, heartfelt and easy way out!

Support a charity this year and give a gift in someones name or give that pair of trendy shoes and let the proceeds go to giving a much needed surgery. I have some friends over in Iraq that are doing some amazing things and I want to help them. Their organization is called The Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC). They provide Iraqi children, both Kurdish and Arab with much needed help. There are thousands of children in Iraq today suffering from heart disease ((You can read why that is the case HERE.)) that threatens to take their little lives if they do not receive surgery outside the country. And time is running out because years of war and corruption have led to a health care system that is entirely ill-equipped to handle the enormity of the task. PLC is working to aide these children by providing funding for these surgeries through creative means.

There are all kinds of ways PLC has for you to help. You can sponsor a child toward surgery for the amount of your choice, help the families get the travel documents they need for the surgery and many other ways. Check them all out HERE.

I could go on and on about these folks but there is no need to, because you can visit their site HERE. Trust me, this is a good idea!

Oh, and one more thing, strictly from a graphics point of view, they have a very fun and creative site. A lot of talent over there. Support a good thing.

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