Coming Home the Long Way.

I actually left Cambodia early. I have been in Malaysia a day already. Some close friends of ours are dealing with a personal crisis and needed us in KL. So I will be away from the blog a bit more. But I can tell you Angkor Wat was all that I expected, good and bad. One side note; everyone was telling me about the little “hawker” kids and how annoying they can be. They were nothing of the sort. Most of the Cambodians I meet where very charming and polite. Visit the Taj and Agra Fort if you need a definition of annoying hawkers. More to come…

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  1. wilsonian

    I’m sorry to hear about the crisis, Matt. They’re blessed to have friends available to help.


  2. Jeffrey Chapman

    Pity I didn’t know for certain that you’d be in Cambodia and when. I recall you mentioning it in the forums, but then didn’t notice any more so thought that you had changed your mind. I’m in Cambodia now (Battambang) and was probably in Siem Reap at the same time. Well, we’ll meet in Bangkok if you manage to make it, considering the crisis, which I hope resolves itself for the best. Take care, Jeffrey

  3. Matt Brandon

    Jeffery, Yes, I hope I can still make it. But things here are very difficult at best. However, the plan is to still meet you, David and Gavin. Besides, David picked me up a Cohiba whilst in Havana and I can’t miss that!


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