Day 2 More Images with the MKII.

Day 2 More Images with the MKII.

Ok, I am not going to make this an every day event, but I did go out and shoot more today and I thought I would post these. I have a friend and client here with me this week and so the blog entries will be a little sparse, except for some images from time to time.  These are some fun shots from today. A few more observations on the 5d MKII. The continuous mode in shooting is much faster than the 5D. I am loving the auto ISO. Why didn’t Canon think of this earlier? The preview has a light sensitive feature that brightens the view in daylight or in a dark room. Maybe it is my imagination, but the exposures seem more accurate with the MKII. I really feel this is not an upgrade but a whole new camera, the only thing that seems to be the same is the model number.


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