Images from Bangkok.

Images from Bangkok.

The lady with the world's best pad thai.

Here are a few images from the Saturdays shoot. You can find a gallery HERE. David, Gavin and I just walked some of Gavin’s haunts. I found the weekend full of beautiful faces and fascinating culture. My goal was to get away from shooting the classic portrait and to include more context in the image. But sometimes there are faces you can’t help but photograph, like this lady above. She makes the best pad thai I have ever put in your mouth. Again, a huge thanks to Gavin for setting the weekend up, thanks to David for letting me hang out while he shot for his book.

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  1. Gavin

    Matt, I’ve photographed this lady a couple of times before but never caught a shot like this, it’s really very smart. If you find time to e-mail me a 6″x4″ size file I’ll print it out and pass it on to her.

  2. Matt

    Thanks Gavin. Will do.

  3. Chase

    Shot of the guy with the “racing” t-shirt is sick! Excellent pic. bro.


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