The Bangkok Meeting

The Bangkok Meeting

David, Gavin and I spend the whole day walking the back alleyways of several markets in downtown Bangkok today. We ran across this lovely lady while at the Grand Palace. She was walking around all dressed up and with her parasol as if wanting to be photographed. David said in passing, “Boy, wouldn’t it be nice to photograph her?” Like a shot, Gavin approaches her and asks her to pose for us. We find out she runs a small restaurant. She was very accommodating. Most of the images today were nothing more than ok. The days was really just spent “hanging out” with two great photographers. But this image was a keeper. You probably will see a very similar one on each of our blogs in the next day or two. Today was my first time to shoot with Gavin. Heck, it was my first time to meet Gavin in person and it felt like we been have friends for years, a very natural fit. Isn’t it funny how the net can draw so many people together from so many places around the world?

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  1. Heimana

    Wonderful meeting and picture indeed, thanks for sharing it!
    See you’re enjoying your 5DMkII…
    There’s a soft light on her face, may I ask you if you used a reflector, flash or something?
    Cheers !

  2. Matt

    Heimana, No hand-held reflector used here. David had asked her to stand under a walkway that was shaded. The white marble and concrete naturally of the Grand Palace reflected the light and bounced it into the subject giving us this wonderful soft light.

  3. Ian

    That’s a meet up I would love to see and i’m looking forward to seeing the results on each of your blogs after this little teaser. A wonderful picture and lady too by the looks of it.

    Reading your words and seeing the results, a thought struck me. I don’t know if you’re anything like me but i’m still apprehensive when it comes to going up to strangers and asking to take a picture. It feels like i’m intruding in some way. When you see a picture like that though and the joy you’ve captured in her face, maybe I should worry less. That you guys went up and took an interest in her life then photographed the results, it probably made her day as much as yours. Photography with heart can be an equally great gift on both sides of the lens.

  4. Matt

    Ian, The last few days have been really relaxing and just plain fun. About walking up to people, to be real honest, I think the ease of asking to photograph someone comes and goes. They more I know a culture the easier it is for me. If I am feeling like an outsider it is a little harder. But honestly, what is the worst that can happen? They say, “no” and you have waisted nothing. But, I do hear the little voices in my head tell me to just keep walking. I think most of us do.

  5. Heimana

    Thanks Matt, I thought about some kind of natural reflection, that’s the way I prefer !
    For asking people, as Matt says, it comes and go… Sometimes I feel “social” and don’t hesitate to ask, big smile, and it usually goes fine… other times I just pass my way, which could be an error, but I just don’t feel it.

    And maybe it’s easier to ask a beautiful/”normal” person than let’s say a homeless or a beggar or anybody in a difficult position ?
    Cheers to all !


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