Saturday’s Freebie

Saturday’s Freebie

I try not to blog on the weekends, but I had some downtime so here is a freebie.  Following up closely with yesterdays blog on branding, I would like to point you to some really helpful critiques over at Zack Arias’ blog. Zack as you might remember did that great video a few weeks back called “Transform“. He has started a series of critiques of portfolios and I gotta tell you, it made me really nervous. I would be in deep kimchee if he ever did my web portfolio. So, luckily you and I can watch him rip (actually he is very kind) into other people’s work and and learn from their pain. Check them out. To date there are four, all found on his blog HERE. Thanks Zack!

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  1. Matt Brandon

    Mitchell, Yeah. He really rips into some of these folks. But he makes some good points that I am taking to heart. I am taking a hard look at my site as a result.


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