A Creative Call

A Creative Call


Khan Market, New Delhi. iPhone, processed in Camerabag.

Chase Jarvis just gave away his old iPhone 3G. He bought a new 3Gs and ran a give away for his old phone over his blog. Over 3,500 submitted images in only a couple of days! The resulting images are amazing. Topnotch photos that compete in any market and with any kind of camera. If you read this blog you probably are not are one of those people who inform me after viewing my images, “You must have a really nice camera!” If you are one of those, or know one of those people, direct them HERE. All these images were shot with a mobile device, and a Canon 5D, is though mobile, is not what I mean. I mean, mobile as in phone or PDA, as in iPhone, Nokia, Motorola etc… This just goes further to prove the fact that a DSLR can help and maybe even push your creativity further. But, a fancy schmancy camera is only as good as the eye that is behind it. Most, if not all the images in this gallery have no selective focus, no selective shutter speed and no selective aperture just raw point and shoot. Now, it is true, many are processed out the wazoo, but still, they stand on their own. Enjoy and be inspired.

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  1. Nicole

    Good stuff, Matt. A great reminder to not judge a photographer by his camera.

  2. Ashley

    I am impressed – Some of those photos were really awesome and creative. Definitely inspiring – thanks for sharing.


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