New product from two great sponsors.

New product from two great sponsors.

There is some new product is being release these day by two off my sponsors.

First off the block is Think Tank Photo. There is not a better bag manufacture out there today bar none. And to day they showed us again that they are living in the real world of working photographers. They have a whole new line of bags designed with the multimedia journalist in mind. With the Canon 5D MKII and the Nikon D90 blurring the lines between the needs of a still photographer and a videographer, think tank come to the rescue with the  Multimedia Wired UP collection. These bag came after long interviews with journalist and others to find out what the real need was. The list of components is impressive, two belt bags for cameras the Multimedia Wired Up 10 and Wired Up 20 that fit the 5D and D90 then four smaller bags design to give the journalist quick and easy access to mic, recorders and cables.  My palms are already sweating, I am itching to get my grubby little hands on this system. Want to see this bag in action? Here is a very cool video produced by the co-founder of Think Tank Photo Deanne Fitzmaurice. You will find it HERE.


Then our friends at Black Rapid have come up with a few fixes and a new strap. Remember the issues I had with the ConnectR. The clip had come loose through a series of freaky coincidences. Never the less it came off, and my camera fell and smashed into the street. BR told me that the connect was being redesigned and they were sorry that had happened to me. A month or so back they sent me the new redesigned ConnectR-2. It was just what the doctor ordered. But, just to be safe I have not touted this as I wanted to use it and make sure all was fine, and it is. This really is perfect. As you can see from the picture it has the very gate I requested they put on it.  Basically, a small locking carabiner. Anyway it work. So run over to their website and order your replacement to the old connector…go!


BR also redesigned their FastenR, the small ring on the bottom of the camera that the ConnectR-2 clips to. Now, I don’t use this, as I like to keep my tripod plate on my body. But for those that do and there are plenty of folk who I know do use it, this is another huge improvement. Before the FastenR had a high profile that people complained about. But the new FastenR-2 is low profile made of 304 stainless steel and is a little piece of art for your camera body.


Many people have been fighting and finagling with how to use two BR straps with two bodies. So Black Rapid came up with two solutions. First they came up with a simple, yet elegant design to join the straps together. A coupler and it is called…are you ready? The CoupleR, ok so they may not be the most creative in naming their product, but their product still rock! It is a very simple system that joins the two straps at your back. Seems like it should work.


Then as if that was not enough and you know it wasn’t, they came up with a tandem strap. Designed from the ground up just for carrying two cameras all day. Meet the RS DR-1 Double Strap. This strap looks really comfortable to use and seems fromthe images to be very stable, not capable of slipping off the shoulder.


Lastly and most recently, BR has release a new strap the RS-5. The RS-5 is another of their layered design, But this time it uses powerful magnets to keep the pocket closed. The pocket is big enough suitable for carrying your iPhone, large batteries, all your memory and other accessories.


Black Rapid has redesigned their website and started a user forum for photographer you can find it HERE. A great way to show us that they want to hear from you, the user. Way to go Black Rapid.

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  1. Jeffrey Chapman

    I can also vouch for the new ConnectR-2. It’s a huge improvement. I intend to get a CoupleR or the Double, but I haven’t decided which yet. I’m still debating the pros and cons of each option. What I’m not debating are these straps. I wouldn’t use any other strap. Mine took an unplanned vacation to Vancouver for a bit, and I really missed it.

  2. David duChemin

    Yup, vastly improved. I think the weakest element, by strong universal consent, was the darn connectr. Now it rocks as it should have all along makeing the R-strap so much better than it already was. And the new double-strap is fantastic. Bringing it to Thailand but it’ll get the real workout in Ladakh in Sept., I think.

  3. Matt Brandon

    Great to hear double-strap is so good. I hope I can get BR to send me one before too long. One camera thing can get frustrating at times.


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