The Bangla Sahib Bungalo Slide Show

The Bangla Sahib Bungalo Slide Show

Slide Show

It has been a month coming but here is one of the two multi-media slide shows I promised readers. It is a series of images and audio recorded on location at the New Delhi, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara or Sikh Temple. The place is amazing and like all Sikh Gurudwaras they feed the less fortunate daily. On the weekends the Bangla Sahib can feed over 10,000 people a day. One unique feature about this Gurudwara is that the water at the site is said to have healing properties. So you can see pilgrims lining up to drink the water or families bathing in the large pool. I hope I have been able to capture some of this for you. You can view the show by clicking HERE or the image above.

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  1. Craig Ferguson (@cfimages)

    Excellent work Matt. I think these type of presentations represent the immediate future of photography and media.

  2. DT

    I know from personal experience that it’s hard work gathering sufficient images and audio clips to make the story hang together. So well done – a good piece of work.

    I’d like to ask, what software you used to blend the sound together, and what device you used to capture the sounds?

  3. Matt Brandon

    As it was not an assignment per se, I did not go into the shoot thinking what I was going to cover. I actually was up early one morning and went next door from where I was staying and started shooting just what struck my fancy. Later after reviewing many images and realizing there is a lot going on their I went back at the end of my trip and tried to shoot an over arching story of the Gurudwara. I think had I been asked to shoot the Bangla Sahib from this or that perspective it might have been easier. As for equipment, I recorded the sound on a Sony ICDUX80 Digital Voice Recorder. It is only about $150 and yet give really nice sound. You can hear that it picked up my shutter quite easily. I might get something else down the line, but for web and all the compression you need, I can’t see a real use for a super high end audio recorder. I mixed the audio in Garage Band and exported it to iTunes then drug it to my desktop and laid it into Soundslides Plus.

  4. Adriana Mullen

    Sometimes the unplanned brings the best results! Great job.

  5. Monte Stevens

    This was quite enjoyable. wonderful images, enticing the viewer to visit and the sound recording really adds power to the presentation. I have just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and been following you. I will be back to see and read more.

  6. DT


    Thanks for the information and the story behind the shoot.

  7. DT


    Thanks for the information and the story behind the shoot.

  8. Matt

    Monte, glad to have you as a regular reader. Please feel at home, “Mi casa, es su casa.” DT, glad you found it helpful. By the way, I tweaked the show a tad more. Just found out how to adjust the bounders and the frame and made it a tad larger as as a result.

  9. Chase

    Vintage MB!

  10. Cheryl

    Good show!


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