Up To Speed.

Up To Speed.

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I am on my way home. At this moment I am sitting at the Cafe Ritazza in terminal E at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Nice to have full speed internet again. A hardy thanks goes out to Gavin for getting me to the right gate for free WiFi.

I promised I would post images from the trip once I got a little speed again. So here they are. You can fined two small galleries below. One full gallery of  “My Angkor” images and another of some assorted street images.

Just a reminder, the “My Angkor” gallery is not Angkor Wat, that is in Cambodia, Chiang Mai is in Thailand. All those images were taken at a very small terracotta factory across from a lovely hotel I was staying at. It just goes to show you, can find amazing cultural images in some of the most unlikely places. One of the things I try to do when I shoot in an exotic location, like Thailand, is try to look for the unique and not the common. Shooting iconic images is always harder, so why not try to find something else that says the same thing.  Find an image that will say “Thailand” or “Asia” on it’s own and that is not in everybodies portfolio. I don’t generally shoot things that can be found in the West. The idea is to communicate the location and the culture. So sometimes you have to look under rocks or in this case under old terracotta.

My Angkor Gallery

My Angkor Gallery

Street Images Gallery

Street Images Gallery

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  1. Sephi Bergerson

    Great images form your new Angkor 🙂 very unique and very serene. what a find!

  2. Jeffrey Chapman

    Sometimes in our search for capturing the iconic we miss so many other great opportunities. These images, which are wonderful, are an excellent reminder to all of us to slow down and look around us. Sometimes the best images aren’t the preconceived ideas that we have. Instead they’re the ones that we let move us in the moment.

  3. Craig Ferguson (@cfimages)

    I love the green tones in the My Angkor gallery. In the street images gallery, photos 7 and 12 speak to me the most – love the detail in them.

  4. Matt

    Thanks for the kind comments.

  5. Vanessa Jackman

    Matt, absolutely beautiful images. The first set particularly stood out for me…..I am a “portrait person” (ie attracted to photos of people) generally but somehow you made those terracotta sculptures come alive.


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