Travel Plans

Travel Plans

It is 4:10 Am. I could not sleep. It’s been that way for much of this month. Maybe I have a lot on my mind with Lumen Dei starting in just a few days, and looking at what amounts to almost a month of travel before me. I really don’t like being gone from my family in that long of a stretch. But here it is. I leave on Friday for India where I meet David DuChemin, myco-host of Lumen Dei, Ami Vitale our guest instructor and Gavin Gough our guest friend. Gavin is showing up to hang with us in Delhi at his own expense. This gives the Lumen Dei participants a bonus value for this workshop. After Delhi, we fly to Leh, Ladakh and then do several road trip in and around the area. Then when Lumen Dei is over I come back to home for three days, kiss my wife and daughter, do laundry and depart for the Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas. After Vegas, I am off to Phoenix for some Knowledge Stewardship meetings with the KS crew, then home and no more traveling (I hope) for the next few months.

I have been thinking of new ways to market myself and my work. Penang, Malaysia has a rather healthy tourist population. Gavin has encouraged me to start workshops on the Island for people passing through. Yesterday I did what we call a “dry run” in the tour biz. I took two friends who live here and are photo enthusiast and we ran through a possible version of a half day workshop. I think this just might work. Stay tuned for more information on timings and price options.

In other shameless self promotion, I got word from Apple that Depth of Field, the interview series I podcast here on this blog is or will soon be available for download through the iTune store. As of 4:30am it is still unsearchable in the store, but keep checking back. This will make DoF a lot easier to download and listen to, and, at the same time open it up to a wider audience. (Note: As of Sept 9th all the current Depth of Field episodes are up and down loadable on iTunes. It is now searchable, by name of the show, my name and several key words.)


I am not sure I will have time to blog before I take off to India on Friday. But be sure to check in for quick updates along the way during Lumen Dei just as in the years past. Now go out and take a picture.

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  1. Joe L.

    Oh man, must be something to have to part for a month with the family for a month! I feel it, ’cause I study overseas from my parents and girlfriend…

    I’m based out of Hong Kong, so would love to visit Penang this ‘winter’ – only been to Bangkok. Would be awesome if it would coincide with a 1-2 day workshop there… Please keep us updated!

    7th photo, was that with direct flash? I thought you said you’re paranoid of them from the latest DOF! Or am I wrong? =P Love the rich gold playing with reds in lanterns…

  2. Matt Brandon

    Joe, Nope sorry, just available light no flash. That was shot with my trusty 85mm at 1.2. As for the workshops I think they will be personal tutorial and more “one-offs” rather than a set date. By timing I simply meant I will have morning and evening half days and full days.

  3. Roger Madsen

    Great to hear that your podcast is finaly (soon) on iTunes!

  4. peter berg

    travel well young man….

  5. Joe L.

    Very cool! and I knew I shouldn’t have put on my ‘smarty-pants’…

  6. Craig Ferguson (@cfimages)

    Workshops and tour type stuff seems to be the way to go. I’ve just started something similar here in Taiwan and the first one is already fully booked a full month before it will be held – most places went in the first week.

    I’ll definitely be interested in yours when they’re up and running – especially now that Air Asia has new routes between Taipei and Malaysia.

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