Depth of Field: Chris Orwig

Depth of Field: Chris Orwig


Today I speak with Chris Orwig, an instructor at the Brooks Institute of Photography, about what prompted him to write Visual Poetry, his approach to teaching students, why we need to “slow down,” and what we can do to become better photographers. Chris is one of the wisest guys I know. The guy has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He also has an amazing memory for quotes. Sounds silly, till you spend time with him and you get, “That reminds me of a quote by…” a few dozen time. I think this fits well with his gift of wisdom and thirst for knowledge. Chris is yet another gentleman photographer. Enjoy.

Please visit his website HERE and his blog HERE.

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  1. Erin Wilson

    I love Orwig's book, so it was great to hear more from him in a different context. So glad you asked him the '3 Questions'. Lots to think about here… great interview.

  2. chad t


  3. naveed

    thank you so much for this interview 🙂 i have his book with me and i must say its just full of inspiration and wisdom 🙂 he is one of the great artist around 🙂

  4. johnbatdorffii

    Great interview…..the new website looks good too!

  5. margarita mclaughlin

    what an amazing interview, love the book and getting to hear chris speak adds so much more.

  6. mariomattei

    I really appreciate much of the wisdom in this podcast interview. “Not showing too much” got me thinking. I already subscribe to this… but could I be more militant with myself on this? Thanks Matt and Chris.

  7. Jo Ann

    This interview was amazing…I found myself pausing the audio in order to take notes. I will definitely be getting Chris' book. Thanks for a really well done interview.



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