Lumen Dei: Kumbh Mela Day 1

Lumen Dei: Kumbh Mela Day 1

Children wait outside of one of the tombs located in the Nizamuddin Darga.

The group is all arriving today from all over India and abroad. Yesterday, Alou, Gavin, Lesley (one of the participants) and I went to the Nizamuddin Shrine and spent a few hours shooting images there. It seems we timed it right for this group. Because, this week is the “Urst” or the commemoration of the death of Hazrat Nizamuddin. Nizamuddin was a Muslim saint who died some 700 years back, give or tale a few years. He was highly revered when was alive and maybe even more now after his passing. He is believed to grant the wished and prayers of the faithful who come to his grave. So the crowds are thick with rich and poor alike and the environment is rich with images.

My goal for this trip is to post every day if I can. I am sure there will be days I miss due to travel or lack of internet connection. But, that’s the goal. So keep checking back in and fell free to leave comments and links. In fact, you will see the images are large (click on one, so feel free to download the images and do what you like, as long as you do not change it or use it for commercial use. I will post at a later date why I am allowing this crazy act of generosity. For now, have fun. But remember to link this site.

This man traveled from the US just for the Urst.

Rose petals adorn a tomb in the shrine.

Only men are allowed inside the actual space around the tomb of Nizamuddin,


Worshipers surrounding pray towards the tomb Nizamuddin.

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  1. Andy Wilson

    Brings back pleasant memories, Matt. Have a great time. Looking forward to seeing the images

  2. johnbatdorffii

    I can't wait to follow along….I really wish my scheduled had worked out so that I could have joined your group….maybe next year. Have fun….be safe.

  3. peter berg

    ditto Andy, wish we were there….

  4. tinaakers

    You have truely brought out the beauty of India with your photos Matt. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. CMB

    The guy with the green hat reminds me of an older, indian version of the digital trekker himself!

  6. Matt Brandon

    Hmm…not sure how to respond to that! I don't have a green turban.


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