Movin’ Like Crazy

Movin’ Like Crazy

Moving in circles?

That’s me, (not in the picture, in life) movin’ like crazy. I have a lot going on over the next few weeks. Not the best pan shot ever taken. But I thought it was fun, and I like the pastel colors. Taken in Hardiwar, India.

In other news, be looking for the unavailing of two key websites if you are a humanitarian photographer or even have a bent towards it. The first is the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers. This is the website that will be creating a community for people like us. Meaning, humanitarian photographer that feel the world can be a better place if we start taking photos of the good in culture and stop stereotyping everyone. Then the other is a sister site, in a way. Focus for Humanity is a grant foundation that is set up to help humanitarian photographers make it. They will be handing out grants, (read money here), as well as other awards. I am really please to be associated with both of these organizations. Be sure to check them out as soon as they announce on twitter @IGVP, or send a notification request to

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Matt Brandon

Matt is a Malaysia based humanitarian and travel photographer. Well known as a photographer and international workshop instructor, Matt’s images have been used by business and organizations around the globe. Matt also on the design board for Think Tank Photo, a camera bag manufacturer. In 2013 Matt founded the On Field Media Project to train the staff of non-profits to use appropriate technology to produce timely as well as quality images.


  1. johnbatdorffii

    The site looks great…I checked it out last night.

  2. Keith Talley

    Dude thats a great pan shot. like it.

  3. Cathy

    You're too modest. That's an absolutely smashing shot!

  4. Antoine R

    Can' t say how much I am thrilled to read about @IGVP and @focus4humanity !!! I just subscribed for the latter and can't wait to do so on IGVP. It's just what I was looking for for so long. Congrats to all of those behind those fabulous creations. And finally thanks for the great content of your blog Matt. BTW, I just tried soundslides and it looks terrific as a simple and effective slide-show tool.


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