Egypt: Aswan, More Images

Egypt: Aswan, More Images

An Egyptian man smoking his shisha (water pipe) at the camel market.

Most of my time here has been split between looking at possible sites for a Nile workshop and family vacation. The family vacation images are on my Facebook page. There is huge potential for a photo workshop on the Nile. The villages we have been looking at are outside the normal tourist routes and are filled with friendly people that are easy to photograph. Egypt, particularly Upper Egypt is full of interesting visuals, like 800 year old mosques, thousands of years old tombs, colorful Nubian villages and wonderfully textured bazaars. All this accessed by a luxury cruise down the Nile. Sounds too good to be true. But it is not, and it is coming your way. Details are still being worked out but it looks very promising. Alou and I looked at the dahabiya (the large sailboat used to cruise the Nile yesterday, it was so nice I could hardly get her off the boat.

I have to run, we are going to go explore an ancient Nubian village by river boat.

A beautiful Nubian woman from a Nile village in Upper Egypt

A small market between along the Nile.

A camel fair outside of Aswan, Egypt.

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  1. Brian

    So what exactly is a camel fair?

  2. John Vicory

    its where they buy and sell camels… like a camel market


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