Review: Delsey Cross Trip Rolling Duffle

Review: Delsey Cross Trip Rolling Duffle




I hope to bring you several  reviews of products that made it on to my packing list for this past trip to Tibet. The first of such reviews is of the Delsey Cross Trip rolling duffel. I had high hopes for this bag. It was spacious, colorful (so I could see it quickly on the luggage belt) and it was a duffel of sort but had wheels. But the most important part was it was a Delsey. I had owned a bright Delsey yellow polypropylene clam shell suitcase for over 15 years. The thing was practically indestructible! Alas, it was not to be. This Delsey was a red lemon.

If you read my past post on how I packed, you know that I had 20 plus kg of luggage in this bag. According to the airport 24kg and some change. But once I arrived I removed my tripod and a few other items. So throughout the trip there was less than 20 kg of luggage in it ant anyone time. Granted, the trip was a rough one, in and out of a jeep everyday and schlepping the bag up and down hotel stairs. But this is not out of the ordinary for any piece of luggage. Yet, within a week into the trip the top handle started to separate from the bag. Plus, by the end of the trip there was the makings of a good size whole in the bottom corner of the bag.


The outside material separating from the seam. Conveniently right by the product's name.



Here you can see where the handle is pulling the material away from the seams.



The fabric being worn away after the first trip with the bag. Disappointing to say the least.


The fact is, the handle that was used the most wasn’t even the top handle, it was the side handle. I can only think this is a manufacturer defect. I hope it is not a design flaw, as I cannot get my money back. For my North American readers many (most?) retailers do not readily give you your money back. They will only honor the warranty by giving you a fresh bag. Yippy – another Cross Trip to fail in the middle of a trip.

You might be wondering if other peoples bags failed to perform on this trip. Nope. We had a host of different bags on this trip. Interestingly enough they were all duffels. We had a North Face duffel, a Patagonia duffel, an Eagle Creek, A Tatanka duffel with wheels (that I ended up coveting!) even two nondescript bags of some sort but they all survived. Only my Delsey failed. So, if and when I get this bag replaced, it will be relegated to cushy family trips to America and back, no more adventures and photo workshops.

I can not recommend this bag. In fact, I will go so far as to say, don’t by this bag if you are doing anything other than 5 Star touring. I had a great history with Delsey up till now. But this bag ruined that.

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About The Author

Matt Brandon

Matt is a Malaysia based humanitarian and travel photographer. Well known as a photographer and international workshop instructor, Matt’s images have been used by business and organizations around the globe. Matt also on the design board for Think Tank Photo, a camera bag manufacturer. In 2013 Matt founded the On Field Media Project to train the staff of non-profits to use appropriate technology to produce timely as well as quality images.


  1. Robert van Koesveld

    ….and my Hedgren Duffle, with the wide spaced handles thats has now survived something like 2 years full time of heavy duty travel. One of the few bags that really delivers in my view. cheers Robert van Koesveld. (ps a great trip)

    • Matt Brandon

      Robert, your Hedgren Duffle was one of the “nondescript bags” I couldn’t recall the name. Thanks, and Yes, it seemed to be a great bag as well.

      • Mark Hull

        Thanks for the headsup. To throw another in the mix, I heartily recommend the Dakine rollers. I’ve had one for a few years now and it’s done more than a fair few adventures- very durable, good use of space and has a good set of wheels……..

  2. Sterling

    Love my Eagle Creek ‘Hovercraft’ rolling duffel. Lightweight, sturdy, and well-made. No signs of wear yet but I’ve only been using it for about 6 months (4 domestic flights; 3 road trips).

    • Matt Brandon

      Sterling, Yes, those are also great bags. The problem lining in Penang, is we just don’t have brands like Eagle Creek and Tatanka to choose from. We are stuck with the everyday brands like Delsey, Samsonite and Carlton. I am dieing for a outfitter/camping store like REI or a North Face Store.

    • Matt Brandon

      This is the same line, but not the same bag. Mine was/is the:


      Your bag pictured is the:


      It looks a lot better and stronger than the one I bought. However, that is only from the photos.

      When I took my bag back to the store I purchased it from, they had another bag with the same issue. It looks now like it is a design flaw. If Delsey replaces my bag, I might opt for the one you link to above.

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  5. Pflueckglueck

    Hi, after 3 flights I had the same problem! I returned it to Delsey and they gave me a new one. Now I am doubting what to do, because I will be travelling around Australia for some weeks. I have a new Delsey crosstrip at home and are doubting if to buy a Lowe Alpine. Maybe we had a “Monday production” but on the other hand I dont want to stay in Alice Springs with some plastic bags. Did you have any other comments, describing the same defects?

  6. spain immigrant

    i bought my DELSEY CROSS TRIP because the only sales person in the luggage in the mall recommends it.I bough 1 samsonite business wheeled laptop bag and this delsey,I paid almost 500 euros for both.

    when I came home I did noticed that it doesnt stand! but I dont have much time to return or replace it because i bought it in the evening and I have to fly from spain to other continent!

    This is the worst luggage bag I’ve ever had!

    I have my hard working and very durable samsonite for over 15 yrs now

    my DELSEY CROSS TRIP if faulty from day 1 !

    I ended up calling mine RIP

  7. spain immigrant

    btw, As soon as We (I traveled with 2 kids) came back in Spain,I asked the other sales person about the my delsey cross trip that never stand well and she advised me to bring it to them so they can send it to delsey for repair.When I came back with my DELSEY CROSS TRIP I saw the sales lady who sold that to me. I told her if delsey can fix it I showed her the problem and know what?!? to my surprise here is here line ( in spanish I am NOT FLUENT IN SPANISH BUT I HAVE NO CHOICE BECAUSE ALMOST NONE CAN SPEAK/UNDERSTAND ENGLISH based on my personal experience here in spain even in the INFORMATION DESK in the airport) I sold that bbg as brand new YOU HAVE USED IT SO I CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT ( WTH ) ALL LUGGAGES HAVE THEIR RESPECTIVE WARRANTY! MINE WAS JUST 3 MONTHS OLD (been out of the counry for 3 months) she is MAD at me.. I am wondering if she knew the saying that the customer is always right. I HAVE NO PLAN OF CHANGING BRAND all I WANT IS TO HAVE UT REPAIRED COZ I BELIEVE ITS A FACTORY DEFECT!

  8. spain immigrant

    oops may I add that the delsey sales lady said that DELSEY CROSS TRIP DOESNT NEED TO STAND BECAUSE ITS NOT A LUGGAGE, IT’S A BAG !!!

    here is the exact word that she said in spanish ” eso delsey no tiene que levantar por que esto es bolso no es un maleta!

    she even showed how to carry it ( using the handles on the side just like carrying your laptop bag )

    this is the most sickening explanation I’ve ever heard!

    can you imagine your self lifting the 3ft and 32kg delsey cross trip luggage with your one hand just like carrying your doctor type bag?

    The Delsey sales lady even mentioned that you’re not suppose to stuff it with plenty of items, I told her why should I buy 3ft luggage if I will just put 2kg of item/s inside ?

    CLEARLY That This delsey sales lady doesn’t want to help her clients AFTER she got want she wants ( THOUGH I BELIEVE THAT ALL YES A L L DID I SAY ALL LUGGAGE COMES WITH THEIR RESPECTIVE W A R R A N T Y !!!! my delsey cross trip was only 3months old! )

    I hope that this particular delsey (she’s the only one in that biggest commercial center right in the heart of madrid)sales lady would be punished by her delsey company for not knowing how to handle a simple kind of complaint properly

  9. spain immigrant

    some typo error on my 1st comment I mean she’s the only sales person in the luggage SECTION of that department store, the biggest commercial center situated right in the heart of Madrid!


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