Multimedia: Fuji X100

Multimedia: Fuji X100

I am back home after a great, but rather wet, trip to the Philippines. It rained almost every day. But, the time with my in-laws was wonderful and the time spent with my wife and daughter even more so. As you know from the previous post, I purposefully left my DSLRs at home and only took my new Fuji X100. I figured, if I forced myself to be reliant on it for the week that I was gone I would get to know it better. I think that happened. Plus on the last day, I found Fuji released a Firmware update. I can’t tell you how good the firmware update was, as I didn’t know the camera well enough to make a comparison. I do notice an extra focus box in the middle of the screen that was not there prior to the release. Not sure yet what that is all about. As I said, I found the release on my last day, so I haven’t even had time to play with it as yet.

Once back, I had to put my nose to the proverbial grindstone and produce a presentation to accompany the class I am teaching in Cambodia. I will be teaching Soundslides Pro to the participants. I used my images that I am collecting from the X100 for the show. This will give a clear example of what the X100 can do. Each image has the EXIF data in the caption, You can click the caption button for viewing it, for those that want to geek out. (Better to do that in the full screen option.) Again, as in the previous post, I did all the post processing in Lightroom as I would with any other of my photography. So, no, this is not what it looked like coming out of the camera. I hope you enjoy.

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Matt Brandon

Matt is a Malaysia based humanitarian and travel photographer. Well known as a photographer and international workshop instructor, Matt’s images have been used by business and organizations around the globe. Matt also on the design board for Think Tank Photo, a camera bag manufacturer. In 2013 Matt founded the On Field Media Project to train the staff of non-profits to use appropriate technology to produce timely as well as quality images.


  1. Zara Bowmar

    Great images – such colour and vibrancy. 

  2. Zara Bowmar

    Great shots – amazing colour and vibrancy

  3. Jim Matiko

    Nice set of images Matt, I’m enjoying my x100 as well.

  4. Robert Jewett

    Love it.  I’ve been forcing myself to use only my X100 too, even for fashion photos.  It’s a surprisingly fun/good little camera.

    • Matt Brandon

       Fashion work? Would love to see those shots. Got a link you want to share?

  5. Andy Wilson

    Enjoyed that a lot Matt.  After using it for a couple of weeks, how do you feel the x100 stacks up against the long end of your 16-35 f2.8 on the 5DII image quality wise? 

    • Matt Brandon

       Andy, Never really thought of it that way. I see it as a whole different bird. I love the compactness, the feel, the looks and the quality. I would love to have had some lens option, but the 20mm was and is a good all around choice. No complaints here on the camera it’s self. Honestly, I have been wanting a though back to my old Canonnet, this is a close as it gets. If I have any complaints it would be I wish the accessories where prices a little more affordable. I don’t even use the lens hood for fear I might loose it. As far as I have seen there is no replacement yet. If there was, it might be $50!

      • Andy Wilson

        Thanks Matt,

        From what I am seeing most of the photographers whose work I admire are enjoying the camera and are able to work round some of its foibles.  It’s definitely in the mix of my thinking for a possible gear re-arrangement at some point in the next year or so.  The images I have seen so far suggest it would make a great low light environmental portrait option.  Plus being handy for when I don’t want to slep the 5D2 and 24-70 around. I picked up an end of run EP-1 with the kit lens for less than the G12 is selling as a compact and was wondering if getting the newly announced 45 f1.8 for that plus this little beauty wouldn’t  make a great walk around combo.  That’s if the 45 lives up to the specs.  The x100 seems like a lot of fun into the bargain.

      • Dennis

        Personally, I really like the compact all metal NX-5285 black dome lens hood from the Japanese company UN. The price is reasonable and they offer great service. It comes with a metal screw in cap. It’s cheaper, more ‘low profile’, doesn’t block the view finder and it’s a lot smaller. You can combine it with a 30.5mm UV filter (on the inside of the dome) if you like. That way everything stays super compact and you stil have protection from stray light. I use this lens hood in combination with a cheap adapter ring from rainbow imaging. This ring is sold as a set with a threaded lens hood and doesn’t have a bajonet. It looks very clean.

  6. Matea Michelangeli

    Loved it!  Now I want a X100! although I think 99.5% of these photos are your talent, not the camera, but I sure would love to travel lighter…

    • Images

      Matea, It doesn’t hurt to know how to take a good picture, but it also helps to have the right gear. The X100 is all right in my book.

  7. Fernando Gros

    Apparently this camera not only looks cool and takes great shots, it can also sync flash to at least 1/1000th.  I’m dying here…

    The only consolation I have is that it costs MORE than any SLR I’ve owned.

  8. heimana

    Well, it seems the X100 can handle most of the situations… For me, with a changeable prime lens, it would have been perfect!
    Have fun!

  9. Haris Abdul Rahman

    Only got my X100 for a couple of days and yet to really unravel its true potential, but even on my forst semi-formal walkabout, the shots came back with me shaking my head. Such clarity and richness, with only needing minimal tweak with Aperture. 🙂


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