Off-Camera Flash Made Easy

Off-Camera Flash Made Easy

Shot with the Odin TTL Wireless Flash Trigger. Flash was off-camera left.

Let me set the record straight right here, I am not a strobist. Ninety five percent of the time I shoot with available light, the other five percent I shoot with my flash set to rear curtain sync (It’s fun. You should try it!) I really don’t like the ugly flat light that on-camera flashes give a subject. Off-camera lighting is wonderful, but until recently with a Canon you only got E-TTL metering by using the short irritating OC-E3 cable. Then in the last year or so a few companies like Pocket Wizard started selling outfits that would set you back a minimum of $500 for off-camera E-TTL wireless flash! Then, recently I was sent a little gadget that made me feel like a real lighting pro. My good friends at Phottix sent me their latest creation the Odin TTL Wireless Flash Trigger. In seconds I went from feeling intimidated with off-camera lighting to a giddy little kid with a new toy. A new toy that boosted my self esteem right out of the box. Can you tell I am impressed? I wanted to communicate to you the value this little guy is and the best way I could think of was to shoot a photo or two with it and to let Steve Peer, the CEO of Phottix tell you about the Odin himself. So listen to this short podcast I made with Steve yesterday and while listening you can peruse the cold hard specs below. Enjoy! >>Click here for Matt Brandons’s interview with Phottix’s CEO, Steve Peer.<<

Shot with the Odin TTL Wireless Flash Trigger. Flash was off-camera right.



Phottix Odin TTL Trigger


What can the Phottix Odin TTL Trigger for Canon do?

  • Wireless 2.4GHz. TTL and Manual Flash Triggering
  • Remote power control of groups in TTL with +/- EV adjustments (3 stops in 1/3 stop increments  – 18 different levels.)
  • Mix TTL and Manual flash – fire some groups in TTL, others as manual
  • Remote power control in A:B ratio modes with +/- EV adjustments
  • High speed sync – shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec.
  • Second curtain sync functions
  • Remote manual mode flash power control
  • Remote flash head zoom adjustments – auto or manual
  • Compatible with Phottix Strato 4-in-1 and Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Wireless Triggers
  • Upgradeable via built-in USB ports.

Jump over and pick up an Odin, or see you local Phottix retailer.

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