The batik artists of Jogja.

The batik artists of Jogja.

A batik artist draw a scene on fabric, then later his work is later traced in wax.

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A quick hello from Jogjakarta, aka Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We spent time today touring the around city learning about batik. I am told that Jogja (If your hip like me you can just call the city simply Jogja.) is the best batik in the world. It is certainly amazing stuff. All done with layers of wax drawn on fabric and dyed in multiple baths of reds, blues, yellows and more. I am really loving this city. It is a real mix of old traditional culture and the über cool. But for now, just a few quick photos from my Fuji X100 and I am off to bed. Been up since 3 am and I can’t focus on the keyboard.

A worker adding detail to the artists work in wax.


An works brushes a layer of wax to the artist's work to repel the dye.


Mr. Alim the artist ads another layer of wax to his work preparing his art for the next layer of dye.


The final product. An amazing work of art... on fabric.

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  1. Hariman Abd Rahman

    Theres plenty of horse rides around Jogja. Pretty interesting carriage they least when I was there couple of years ago..


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