Jaipur Monsoon Festival: Teej

Jaipur Monsoon Festival: Teej

The Rajasthani dancers pose in traditional dress prior to the Teej parade.


We couldn’t have planned it better. We arrived into Jaipur just hours before the monsoon festival called Teej was to begin. A colorful event celebrating the reunion of  Shiva and goddess Parvati, after she paid a penance of 100 years separation. (Talk about in the dog house!) They say it is celebrated mainly by women, though we saw everyone getting into the spirit of things. It is a great excuse to dress up in bright colors and have a party! So what better way to start the party off than by a parade.


Camels wait to enter the Teej festival parade in Jaipur.


These elephants were very camera aware 😉


Elephant prepare for the Teej festival parade in Jaipur.


The Kucchhi Ghodhi or Dummy Horse dance being performed during Teej.


Elephants on parade! The parade will be run two days in a row. © Jessie Brandon


The colors are amazing. The polar opposite of the desert most of these people came from to be here.


Teej is a day of brass bands, stilt walkers, bullock carts pulling cannons, decorated elephants, horses, camels, and dancers.


Colorful Rajasthani women watched as the elephants take money offered by parade goers in their trunks.


Two young girls watch the Teej Festival parade through the legs of the crowd. © Jessie Brandon



Large decorated pole are carried through the city and young men dance around them during Teej.


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  1. Kesh

    Hi Matt. All great shots but i especially love the last image. His expression is great! Still cant get the hang of doing that with a flash. Must teach me that next time!


  2. Jeff

    I also enjoyed the last photo. Was your flash on camera or did you have a VAL? Also thank you for adding all of the EXIF data. It’s always fun to see what choices you make for your photos. (Unless you just use P for professional. Bahahaha)

  3. Pigon

    Perfect timing indeed Matt 🙂 I like the stories you tell with your images. It’s great you also share some of the Jessie’s shots with us too.


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