The Maasai

A Maasai Mother and Child.

A Maasai Mother and Child. Ollolailei, Kenya

In the last post I wrote about my time with the folks at the Kilgoris Project in Kenya. The project helps Maasai children to obtain a quality education – in short it gives them the leverage to choose their future. The Maasai are a proud people from Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are semi-nomadic herdsmen that are renown for their bravery. We met one old man that as a test of bravery killed a lion with just his spear, he had the teeth marks in his arm to prove it!

I was privileged to be able to photograph a few of the Maasai children and adults that live in villages that are apart of the Kilgoris project. These are special people on so many levels. I really hope I was able to portray their strong spirit.



Two Friends. Ollolailei, Kenya


A young Maasai girl in ceremonial dress.

A young Maasai girl in ceremonial dress.


Life doesn't frighten him at all. Kilgoris, Kenya

Life doesn’t frighten him at all. Kilgoris, Kenya



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  1. These are great. It has been good to get an update on the work Jon and his wife have helped set up in Kilgoris. Could I enquire about the lighting in the first photograph (the mother and daughter)?

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