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Mongolia: One Spot Open!

This is a limited offer. Recently Piet Van den Eynde and I invited a select group of five adventurous photographers to join us for our first Mongolia Photo Adventure. Everything is set for a phenomenal trip of photographing nomads and eagle hunters! We had one cancellation and are therefore opening up one (1) spot for this amazing photo opportunity. As this is our first workshop in Mongolia, and we did not want to leave anything to chance, we are are using one of the best fixer and travel agencies in Mongolia, who has worked with various film and photographer crews. They have made...

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Podcast Interview with Andrew Gibson

Interview with Andrew Gibson by Matt Brandon and Andrew Gibson | The Digital Trekker Podcast Andrew S. Gibson Andrew Gibson is 50% photographer and 50% writer. I think Andrew gets as much joy out of writing as he does taking photograph. He is excellent at both. It is just this reason why I asked him to join me on my newest photo workshop to Rajasthan, India.  I spent over thirty minutes speaking with Andrew about his photography and the upcoming trip to India. Below is an excerpt from his website that gives additional insights into his this man...

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Hungry Ghosts & The Cactus Flashes

On the 15th-day of the 7th lunar month, hell opens up and ghosts are free to torment! Well, at least this is what the Chinese Taoist believe. The 7th lunar month is known as Ghost month and the Chinese in Penang, Malaysia and around South East Asia celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival. On the last day of the festival, I went out and photographed a Chinese opera meant to entertain the ghost. I took my Cactus flash and not everything went as planned. Maybe you have seen some of the portraits photographers have made where they take a cloth backdrop...

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A Balanced View

A Balanced View “The question of balance can only be resolved intuitively, according to what feels right.” MICHEL FREEMAN The Photographers Eye When I think of balance, the first thing I think of is a weighing scale. Not a digital one, the old ones with a fulcrum and cross bar that is used to balance the weight with the object. I don’t think I am atypical with this train of thought. There are two types of balance when we are talking about it regarding composition, dynamic, and symmetric. Symmetrical is when then are balanced equally. So much like the...

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Whats Make a photo workshop great?

I am often asked what should someone look for when choosing a photo workshop or tour. Let me state that for some people there is a huge difference between the two designations; workshop and tour. For this article, the differences for me are not that relevant. The reason being is that what I have to say applies to both a workshop; where photographers home their photographic skills and a photo tour; where photographers are guided around and given the best photo opportunities.

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Review: Mindshift Gear PhotoCross 13

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