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Whats Make a photo workshop great?

I am often asked what should someone look for when choosing a photo workshop or tour. Let me state that for some people there is a huge difference between the two designations; workshop and tour. For this article, the differences for me are not that relevant. The reason being is that what I have to say applies to both a workshop; where photographers home their photographic skills and a photo tour; where photographers are guided around and given the best photo opportunities.

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Disk Warrior 5 Saved A Year of Photos!

Last April, two days before I left to go back to the USA to be with my dying mother, I tried to reformat my main backup drive with my complete library of images on it. Honestly, I wasn’t trying to do this. A day before, I had another drive fail, and I thought I was reformatting that drive. But in my haste and with my mind already with my mother I selected the wrong drive. This drive had close to a year’s worth of photos that were a backup of the failed drive. But these photos were the only...

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Money to Take Their Photo: Trophy Hunter Photography

  Recently PetaPixel posted an article that created a huge controversy among its readers. So much so that they actually took down the article, though you can still find the original article on the author’s site. The PetaPixel article was entitled, “How to Deal with Locals Who Ask You for Money to Take Their Photo” and created a stir because of its hugely ethnocentric bias. Now, let me stop here and give a caveat. Some of you might feel I have no “dog in this fight”, meaning, I have nothing to add because I myself am a middle (upper middle) aged,...

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Comprehensive review: Think Tank Photo – Airport Takeoff V2 Photo Bag

  If you are like me you spend a lot of time hauling camera gear from flight to flight. Most (though not all) roller bag camera bags work fine rolling along the airport mall (is that the right term?) The issue comes when you need to beat that crowd to the immigration queue and the only way to do this is to take the stairs verses the escalator. But you have a roller bag! Well, for years Think Tank Photo has had your back, quite literally. How? With the Airport Takeoff. This bag has long address this problem by being both a roller...

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6 Ways to Improve your Photography Portfolio: The Goldilocks Principle

I call it the Goldilocks Principle in editing. Of course, you remember the story of Goldilocks. The little girl who stumbled into a cabin with three bowls of porridge and three beds. One bowl of porridge was too hot, one too cold and one was just right. In the same way, one bed was too hard, one too soft, but one was just right. Apparently, Goldilocks was a ruthless editor. She didn’t settle for anything but what she wanted. She didn’t settle for anything – she knew what she wanted. If Goldilocks were a photographer, she would have a...

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Review: Mindshift Gear PhotoCross 13

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