Photo Workshop Liability Waiver

You must read and sign off on this Liability Waiver before you can finish your registration for any Digital Trekker photo tour or workshop.


  • I acknowledge that I have voluntarily agreed to participate in the linked workshop or Master Class as indicated by my completion of an electronic booking form.
  • I have fully disclosed any health conditions, physical or otherwise, which might bring potential risk to myself, the tour leader or other tour participants.
  • I have sufficient travel insurance coverage in place to adequately cover any incidents arising from my participation in the tour/workshop and hereby accept all responsibility for my own health and welfare.
  • I also accept full responsibility for the safety of all equipment and items in my possession.
  • In consideration of the right to participate in the above tour, I do hereby fully assume all risk of illness, injury, property damage, or death, and hereby release and discharge Matt Brandon aka "the digital trekker" and their agents and associates from all actions, claims, or demands for damages resulting from my participation in the expedition.
  • This release of liability shall be binding upon me, as well as upon my heirs, executors, and all members of my family including any minors accompanying me.




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