Kashmir Pt 4: Portraits of Kashmir

I photographed this Kashmiri man in a tea stall.


As I wrote the in first three posts in this Kashmiri series, the light was not so great for pictures with blue sky, but fantastic for portraits. I love taking pictures of people–smiling, sad, laughing. Over the years I prefer it if they are not so camera aware, but sometimes people just fix their eyes on your lens and the only thing you can do is take the picture. Continue reading

Four elements that can make your images stronger


I’ve been taking some online training with Media Storm this past week. The first lesson dealt mostly with audio production. Brian Storm made a point in passing that each audio clip must have texture, sense of place, context and mood. This is true not only for audio but for images as well. For any image to communicate a story effectively at least a few of these elements will probably be present.

First I’ll offer a definition of each of these elements. Then I will identify these elements in three images. Continue reading